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New Home Warranty Program

We stand behind our quality construction but when the unexpected happens, rest assured that protecting your home and investment is paramount at Eighth Avenue. We've partnered with National Home Warranty and WBI Home Warranty, third-party insurance providers offering some of the most comprehensive home warranty programs available.

Each new Eighth Avenue home is backed with the 2-5-10 Warranty from National Home Warranty and WBI Home Warranty

1-year coverage for all defects,
2-year coverage for all major systems,
5-year coverage on the building envelope, and
10-year coverage on any structural defects.

Eighth Avenue through their affiliated companies are registered with the British Columbia Homeowner Protection Office and its service and warranty program meets or exceeds all mandated requirements.

During your New Home Orientation, you'll receive a copy of the Homeowners - Care of Your Home Manual. This manual outlines maintenance of your home and property, service, product and warranty information.

When approaching your one-year anniversary, our Customer Care Team will follow up with year-end service requests.


We’re always available to answer any questions you may have.

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